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Hailing from the tiny town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Stef Lang learned the benefits of a strong sense of community, the power of positivity, and the value of hard work at a very young age. The multi-faceted artist has been relentlessly working ever since, singing, songwriting, producing and editing music for herself and others to accomplish her dreams.

Lang burst onto the scene in 2010 with her first full-length album, The Underdog. The album received a great deal of critical and commercial praise, earning her a nomination for the Western Canadian Music Awards’ Pop Recording of the Year 2011, and she saw the first single ‘Mr. Immature’ hit #5 on the Billboard Canadian Emerging Artist chart. She had two songs featured on Canadian melodramas ‘Rookie Blue’ and ‘Degrassi Junior High’. Now she’s following that success up in 2012 with her sophomore release, Self.

Self marks a bold new step for Stef, who for the first time is exerting full creative control over her music. She personally handled every aspect of the album, writing, producing, recording and editing every song, as well as even hand painting her own album art. The devotion of her fans coupled with the excellent reception of The Underdog fueled Stef’s passion for Self, and that passion is evident in every heartfelt note. The album eschews the traditional pop trappings of parties and boys and instead focuses on introspective, empowering lyrics and compositions designed to give fans relatable, positive and motivational music and establishing Stef as a role model for future generations of women. When you listen to music and understand what someone else is saying – you feel understood. You feel less alone. I want to be that voice that brings sense and sanity to peoples lives. I want to give people that happiness, sadness – whatever is it that they want and need to feel. Music is an experience. I want people to experience mine,” says Stef, revealing a maturity and self-awareness beyond her years. The music video for the lead-off single is entirely fan-generated and will showcase her fans’ ideas of the concept of ‘self’.

Stef LangStef has opened for and performed with a number of big names in the industry including Suzie McNeil, Mother Mother, K’Naan, Shawn Desman, and Matthew Good, as well as performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and the 2011 Canadian Radio Music Awards. She has also showcased at the 2009 Canadian Music Cafe for TIFF, the 2010 NXNE Music Festival, and the 2010 CMJ Music Festival in New York. Along with her feature albums The Underdog and Self, Stef has released three EPs: Birth, Blood and Bravery, and Fighting Mirrors.

Combining the folk sensibilities of Joni Mitchell or Ani Difranco with the pop hooks of artists like Robyn and Alicia Keys, Stef’s passion for her art is apparent in every aspect of her life and her tireless work ethic knows no bounds. She truly commits herself to following her dreams and expressing herself through her music and artwork.

More about Stef Lang can be found at and For information regarding booking and tours, contact Jen Temple at 778-772-8786 or . Critical praise for Stef and her artistry can be found below.

Critical Praise for Stef Lang: 

“Stef has received significant commercial success in Canada and will continue to hit new heights with her music career.” – Chris Myers, Program Director C95, Saskatoon

“As a singer/songwriter, Ms. Lang is adept and cohesive, often mixing sincere lyrics with pleasing melodies and instrumentation. As a producer, she is very involved in the production of her work, as well as in collaborations with many other artists….Stef Lang, in my considered opinion is not only a talented singer/songwriter and performer but also a model individual of the Canadian music community.” - Jeremy von Hollen, Music Supervisor, Instinct Entertainment

“Virgin Radio has been a proud supporter of this fantastic artist who not only stands out among the rest with her depth of talent, but has the work ethic, commitment, and attitude to round out a very successful music career.” – Jeff Winskell, Music Director, Virgin Radio 95.3 

“I completely believe in Stef Lang and the entire radio station stands behind her 110%. She works very hard and deserves every bit of success that comes her way.” – Dennis Allen, Head of Programming & Music Departments, KRAZE 101.3, Red Deer