Hello friends and fans!
I’m very excited to release a new video for “DNA” off my latest record “SELF”
directed and produced by Ben Schubert. I asked fans to submit their own unique photos to be part of this video by telling them to send me an image that represents what “SELF” means to them. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted – There are some great photos in the video and I’m so happy to have you become a part of the song and what it means to me.

“There’s nothing in this world like you, your DNA is proof, there’s nothing in this world like you, you’re special baby” – This song celebrates being different, being one of a kind and embracing all that you are. I hope this song helps you to embrace all that you are as well!

My upcoming tour “The Conscious Self Tour” is a 3 week Western Canada tour where I will be touring throughout high schools in BC and Alberta raising awareness against bullying. I hope to provide tools and resources for teenagers dealing with bullying, depression and hopefully inspire these individuals to follow their own passions, their voices and their own truth.

“DNA” off the record “Self” is a friendly reminder, that you are awesome. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
Love – S

Self is here!


After days, weeks, months of writing, playing, creating – I had such a wonderful time making this record – And I’m so happy to finally give it to you! Happy Release Day! Self is now available:  http://steflang.ca/music/self/


iSH – Rollin

Cutting vocals to this track by ISH called Rollin – I’m re singing the hook! Dig this tune!

Delerium Music Box Opera on Sputnik

By Raul Stanciu - Full review here

Delirium Music Box Opera

Music Box Opera, Delerium’s first album in over six years, finds Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber (along with new collaborator Jeremy Inkel) returning to the poppier, female studded format debuted on 2003′s successful, Chimera. After the slight return of the more exotic, mystic elements on Nuages Du Monde, the band left them behind again in an attempt to recapture their former glory with a massive set of tracks out of which, hopefully, everyone would find something to enjoy. However, unlike Chimera, the band’s latest output doesn’t have the strength to stand out as one of Delerium’s best records. Read More

Stef Featured in BC Buzz

Self comes out TUESDAY Nov 13th!

Check out an acoustic version of one of the albums tracks “Brick Wall”. BIG Thanks to BC Buzz and Aaron for ROCKING!

BC BuzZ: Stef Lang – Brick Wall (Acoustic) from BC BuzZ on Vimeo

New Release Date for Self!

Alright peeps, a new release date for SELF has been set. Thank you for your love and patience, I can’t wait to give you my new album on NOVEMBER 13th!

Want to preview it? Get an advanced listen:

“Can You See Me Now?” for Amanda Todd

This is a song I wrote in tribute to Amanda Todd & for anyone else that is a victim of cyber-bullying. You’re not alone.

Join The Movement: WWW.PINKWALL.CA
Visit www.viic.ca / Become part of the Anti-Bullying Program
Get your “Respect The Right To Be Different” T-shirt Today.

Read More

Album Delay

Hey everyone we regret to inform you that the release date for Self will need to be pushed back until further notice.  It is Stef’s desire to release a project that feels and sounds just the way she intends it to be for her fans, so we’re hard at work polishing it up for you!  Stay tuned  for the new release date!

Interview – Substream Music Press

Substream Music Press


Stef was recently interviewed by Substream Music Press out of Ohio USA.

Check out the interview here and read about a crazy tour story!

Interview – mkp Celebrity Talk (Video)

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZPi57Yt9K34?list=UUUsz9D6-Q9ht-EJzbcHqw0g&amp;hl=en_US” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>